“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages” – Louis Pasteur

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but, a glass of wine keeps you fine and divine. This definitely seems like the ‘ real deal’ in keeping oneself healthy as researchers have discovered several beneficial effects and anti- ageing factors in moderate consumption of wine, especially red wine. And when we say ‘Moderate’ we mean it.

Men are advised to consume 250 ml of red wine whereas, for women, 175 ml, per day . This is because of the varying levels of body water content and stomach enzymes between men and women.

Benefits listed below are only applicable to Moderate Drinking!

1. Reducing risk of Depression


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Drinking wine may reduce the risk of depression. This might seem like a perfect excuse to increase the recommended dose but, watch out! You might just step into the dreadful ‘alcoholic’ zone.

2. Anti- Ageing


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Yes! Wine has anti- ageing properties. Resveratrol was the compound found to have this beneficial effect.

NOTE: No, it’s not a magic potion that will take you back to your teens.

3. Preventing Breast Cancer

beast cancer

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Regular consumption of most alcoholic drinks increases the risk of breast cancer. However, red wine has the opposite effect. Choose your wine wisely!

4. Reducing the risk of Heart Attacks

Brilliant Wine art by www.boozeandwine.com
Brilliant Wine art by http://www.boozeandwine.com

Image Courtesy : http://www.boozeandwine.com

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Moderate drinkers are 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack than non- drinkers. If you don’t fancy wine, you could just exercise, eat healthy and manage your stress levels.

5. Advances Eye- sight

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It reduces the growth of blood vessels in the eye, which results in better eye-sight.

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