1.North- Bangalore: Not so north anymore


North Bangalore is witnessing a rapid real estate development due to the systematic upgradation of social and physical infrastructure on Bellary Road- BIAL, Mono rail,Elevated road, High speed rail link, Metro rail and excellent connectivity to prime locations and central business district.

2.Investment is the key to a secure future

Investment Medium

Buy land! They’re not making it anymore! Land in North Bangalore offers better investment potential than in parts of the country and this is not a ‘forever.’Several large infrastructures and projects are emerging  in the Nandi region. Since the land price is going to soar in near future, the area’s long-term investment potential is bound to be excellent as compared to more saturated areas.

3.It’s the most needed escape


The Bangalore boom is progressing at a very commendable pace, to be one of the biggest business hubs in the country. This is what makes this city chaotic. The city is home to a multi- cultural crowd that chases dreams, leaving no space for a calm environment. This definitely calls for an escape!

4.Living ‘Green & Clean’

eco vs. pollution - with space inside

The most prized possession you can hold is your health and a clean environment is the best to nourish it! North Bangalore has a strong green belt with a plethora of trees and other vegetation. Treat yourself to nature’s blessings and experience life in its most natural form.

5.The new business district

indian-it-companies  jobseekersindia

The growth in North Bangalore is basically driven by various IT parks, airport and new infrastructure developments. The Manyata Embassy Business Park in Hebbal houses some of the biggest MNCs like IBM, Cognizant, Northern Trust and Target. There are several other IT and major industry players, that are planning major facilities in the area to take advantage of decent infrastructure, transportation and connectivity to the airport.

It is evident that North Bangalore has excellent future growth probability owing to great connectivity, commercial development and land availability.