1. Citrus Ventures does not believe in the common understanding of time. The due date for all assignments is ‘Yesterday’

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2.The company does not believe in the idea of ‘working hours.’ Every hour is work hour! You’ve completed all tasks  for the day and you’re all set to leave. What does the boss say? “Is today a half- day?”


3. They are so work oriented that they take an extra mile to make sure employees don’t fall sick. The provision of free home- cooked meals is not just an incentive. The agenda behind it is to get the work done.


4.Citrus Ventures likes playing with mystery. Most people here greet each with ‘Uncle.’ Yes! We might need Sherlock Holmes to solve this one.


5.Like it or not , Citrus Ventures makes you feel special on your birthday with fancy cake and fun bites!


6.Citrus Ventures is breaking norms!The executives here take modesty to the next level! This is the only place where you will find the boss addressing his employee by ‘Sir’.


All in all, this young company aims to be dynamic, providing the right amount of attention to all employees ! They believe Professionalism teamed with a dash of humour is the ideal way of maintaining a healthy work atmosphere.