August 2015

The journey of the Great Hindustan Ambassador

Even after the fancy BMW’s and the Jaguar’s stepping into our country, the only classy car that’s been adored through all generations is the king of the road,‘Ambassador’ by Hindustan Motors. The rumour is that HM has stopped Ambassador’s production but, the company has made it clear that the road is still open for the ‘Great Amby.’

Here are 7 interesting facts that sums up the journey of the ‘Great Amby’

  1. The great Amby production began in Gujarat. Produced by Morris Motors Limited in Oxford, the production of the Ambassador began in 1957.


2. Before the car was rolled out as ‘Hindustan Ambassador’ it was recognized as the Morris Oxford series II . In 1954 after the license was approved, the Moris Oxford Series II was built at Uttarpara, West Bengal and was finally rolled out in 1957 as Hindustan Landmaster.


3. Borrowing the engine structure of a 1489cc, BMW B-Series diesel engine, the Ambassador was the first diesel car in India.


4. The Ambassador became a massive hit amongst most politicians and bureaucrats making over 16% of Ambassador’s total sales from the Government.


5. In 1984, HM was producing nearly 1 lakh units of the Ambassador and after 20 years, the company set a production record of over 9 lakh units in 2004.


6. In the early 2000, the HM plant faced a heavy depreciation. Despite downfall of sales, the company didn’t consider a cut down in prices, which experts believe could have saved the company.


7. In 2013, the HM Ambassador was crowned as the best taxi in the world by Top Gear, where the Indian taxi outclassed the rivals like Volkswagen Beetle, Russian limousine , Black London Cab and several others.


Bonus: A modified ambassador by Dilip Chhabria


Also check out the VIP version of the Ambassador by Dilip Chhabria, India’s renowned automobile designer!


5 Questions to ask yourself when you lose focus!

  1. Do I gain anything from it?


Time is definitely the most valuable asset one can hold. But, how you use your time is what really matters. Spending time on things that you’re not learning from or not beneficial in any manner is what’s commonly called ‘Waste of time.’ It’s an easy task to dwell on emotionally driven events involving anger, sadness or disappointment while logical and practical thoughts are much more rewarding. Reminding yourself of a mistake or failure is benefiting as long as you’re looking for ways to resolve it.

  1. What is the most important thing I can do right now?


You’re always going to have a list of things to do. But, each of it is well- executed when done at the right time. Brainstorm over what’s really important and what needs to be executed right away.

Re-do your ‘things to do’ list, this time, in a priority order.

  1. What is that first move I should take to get things started?


It’s always that first move that matters. Once you make that move, everything falls in place. A little push and the snow ball keeps rolling down as it gets bigger and bigger.

Similarly, all you need is a little push in the initial stages. And then, you keep rolling down, grasping as much as you can and completing all your tasks. There is no better feeling than the sense of completion.

  1. Is my problem actually a problem? Can I solve it?

Some people jus need asympathetic pat.. (5)

If what you’re going through is reducing your productivity, then you know it’s of no use. Take a step back and look at your problem from all perspectives. Question yourself from an objective point of view.

Your problem might seem insignificant for the other and vice versa. If you zoom out and look at what’s bothering you and why, you’re bound to find logical reasoning.

“Look at the bright side” is what you could dwell on. Extract all the positives and nourish yourself.

This is definitely a task but like the previous point, you need to take that first step!

  1. Will this matter in 5 years? Or even 5 weeks?




The problems you faced 5 years ago may not be in the list of problems you’re facing now. Likewise, your present discomfort may not matter 5 years or even 5 weeks from now. Foresee your life, see if it’s really worth reducing your productivity.


‘Time can heal’


When you get out of your discomfort and feel better, you’re going to look back and think about how silly your problems were.

Bengaluru Innovations saving babies around the World!

After founders of Google and Facebook, Bengaluru innovator Rahul Alex Panicker, makes his entry in the ‘MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35’ award list. This IIT-Madras graduate, president of Bengaluru -based Embrace Innovations, co – founded the company along with a few of his fellow students from Stanford University, where he earned  a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. His contribution to the medical device industry is saving vulnerable babies in several countries through his avant- garde infant warmers.

These 'Baby- warmers' have saved over 200,000 babies across 15 countries
These ‘Baby- warmers’ have saved over 200,000 babies across 15 countries

The infant warmer is a super user friendly device that does not need expertise to operate it. This portable device works with or without electricity and is sold at an inexpensive price. Thanks to these infant warmers, over 200,000 babies in over 15 countries have been warm and cozy.

These Infant warmers work with or without electricity.
These Infant warmers work with or without electricity.

These ‘baby- warmers,’ that have become an international hit, are being manufactured in our very own city.  “The work was done in Bangalore and deployed across the country and 15 other. And a few hundred- thousand babies sleep soundly in the farthest corners,” said Panicker to TOI.

Hebbal buzzing quite literally!

Amongst the urbanized environment of the city and its surroundings is CBD Hebbal. CBD Hebbal is also home to newly discovered species of insects/amphibians. In a recent listing of Zoological Society of India (ZSI) on animal discoveries of 2014 appears Rhopus hebbalensis , a parasitic wasp, partly named after Hebbal.

Out of the 14 new animal discoveries – predominantly insects – most were discovered in the surroundings of Nandi Hills and Bidadi. M Yeshwanth, insect taxonomist at GKVK, who has 5 discoveries from the state in the list says there is much more to discover in urban Bengaluru.

Blister Beetle, drives its name from the skin blistering consequences of it's attack.
Blister Beetle, drives its name from the skin blistering consequences of it’s attack. Often found in and around Bannerghatta and other dense green regions in Bangalore.

The city’s possession of ample green space is one of the main causes for such discoveries. The dense green space in and around Hebbal is listed to be the reason for these discoveries in the urban jungle. Bamboosiella Venkataramani and Stephano Indica are a couple of exotic insects discovered in this area.

10 Good books for Children

With the epoch of the Internet, smart phones, tablets and so on, it has been a real struggle for books to retain it’s necessity. Thanks to the nostalgic aura of books , a few of us still manage to boost the value of a book.

“There is nothing to match the smell of a new book (or an old book for that matter) and the sheer tangible presence of the words, images and pages.” – Sindu Aven,Head of Academic Content at Zee Learn Limited.

Here’s a list & brief of books for children suggested by Sindu Aven.


As we know, this is a comic book series. The intrepid adventures of the amateur journalist, his dog and his hilarious friends introduce us to distant cultures, faraway lands and tantalising drama that never become gory.


2.Malgudi Days:

Many of us were introduced to Malgudi through the TV series that ran in the early days of Doordarshan.


3.Dr Seuss.

Theodor Seuss Geisel, popularly known as Dr Seuss, wrote numerous children’s books and created memorable characters like Horton and the Grinch.

seuss_0809150820084.A Topsy-Turvy Tale (Ha-Ja-Ba-Ra-La):

This nonsense novella invites readers to the bizarre world of a mathematically inclined crow, a mourning goat with a BA degree and the dwarfish udho and budho. The author, Sukumar Ray, better known as the father of the director, Satyajit Ray, wrote many other books for children. However,A Topsy-Turvy Tale (Ha-Ja-Ba-Ra-La) remains a masterpiece in Indian nonsense fiction.

Hajabarala24.The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

The language is simple, illustrations are delicious and the turn of events completely engrossing for preschool children.


5.Sita’s Ramayana:

Literally a new kid on the block, Samhita Arni created her first comic book at the age of 12. Her retelling of Ramayana through Sita’s perspective has been an international bestseller. The patachitra-style panels for illustrations are a bonus for readers. I also recommend herThe Mahabharata: A Child’s View for a captivating simplicity to approach the multi-layered epic.


6.Jules Verne:

His major works like Around the World in Eighty Days,Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea and Journey to the Centre of the Earth have been made into popular movies as well.


7.My Family and Other Animal

This autobiographical book by Gerald Durrell about his childhood days in the Greek island of Corfu always made me wish that I grew up in such an idyll. The Jamshedpur-born author presents his family’s eventful years in a way that can only be called quixotic.


9.Totto Chan:

Totto Chan reminisces her growing-up days in early-20th-century Japan. This unconventional character created by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi shows the learning she imbibes at the progressive school established by her mentor, Mr Kobayashi, who becomes her friend. The challenges of adolescence and the harsh realities of the Second World War come together to create a tapestry of events that teaches Totto Chan (and the readers) the values of independence, integrity and compassion.



Although Art Spiegelman’s magnum opus is quite dark and definitely for older children, I recommend this graphic novel simply for the rich mix of history, illustration styles and narrative strategies. The society under the Nazi regime comes alive through the characters (Art himself is a character) and events Spiegelman creates.



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