1. Do I gain anything from it?


Time is definitely the most valuable asset one can hold. But, how you use your time is what really matters. Spending time on things that you’re not learning from or not beneficial in any manner is what’s commonly called ‘Waste of time.’ It’s an easy task to dwell on emotionally driven events involving anger, sadness or disappointment while logical and practical thoughts are much more rewarding. Reminding yourself of a mistake or failure is benefiting as long as you’re looking for ways to resolve it.

  1. What is the most important thing I can do right now?


You’re always going to have a list of things to do. But, each of it is well- executed when done at the right time. Brainstorm over what’s really important and what needs to be executed right away.

Re-do your ‘things to do’ list, this time, in a priority order.

  1. What is that first move I should take to get things started?


It’s always that first move that matters. Once you make that move, everything falls in place. A little push and the snow ball keeps rolling down as it gets bigger and bigger.

Similarly, all you need is a little push in the initial stages. And then, you keep rolling down, grasping as much as you can and completing all your tasks. There is no better feeling than the sense of completion.

  1. Is my problem actually a problem? Can I solve it?

Some people jus need asympathetic pat.. (5)

If what you’re going through is reducing your productivity, then you know it’s of no use. Take a step back and look at your problem from all perspectives. Question yourself from an objective point of view.

Your problem might seem insignificant for the other and vice versa. If you zoom out and look at what’s bothering you and why, you’re bound to find logical reasoning.

“Look at the bright side” is what you could dwell on. Extract all the positives and nourish yourself.

This is definitely a task but like the previous point, you need to take that first step!

  1. Will this matter in 5 years? Or even 5 weeks?




The problems you faced 5 years ago may not be in the list of problems you’re facing now. Likewise, your present discomfort may not matter 5 years or even 5 weeks from now. Foresee your life, see if it’s really worth reducing your productivity.


‘Time can heal’


When you get out of your discomfort and feel better, you’re going to look back and think about how silly your problems were.