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Here’s Why English is a Tricky language!

English is one language that comes with several *terms and conditions. Here are a few illustrations by Keren Rosen.












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Customer Speaks : “I believe in my Choices. I believe in Citrus Ventures”

Customers are no longer buying products and services. They are buying experiences through products and services. A home is most definitely not just a product to be looked up realty platforms online. No matter how fab the Tvc’s and the billboards are, you still need to experience it to believe it. So we decided to let our customers do the talking.

Here is what Mr E. Jacob, Founder and Director of Modern Printers , who recently invested in Citrus Ventures Motown , had to say about his experience with us.

E. Jacob Modern Printers FB Poster

“It had been 38 years since I moved out of Andhra Pradesh and shifted to Bangalore. In 1978,when I just began my journey in this city, all I wanted was to become something big, an achiever, a winner. The beginning was definitely a rough patch. Before my entrepreneurship, from an office assistant I became a supervisor and climbed the ladder to be a manager at a printing press. After I was able to stand steady on my own feet, I decided to start my own printing press. I had about a lakh and 20 thousand as my initial capital. The  year 1993 marked the beginning of my success. 22 fruitful years have gone by ever sine I began ‘ Modern Printers’ and by the grace of god, my dream has come true.

I often drive down to Andhra pradesh along with my grand daughters to visit my home town. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence or luck, I found ‘Motown’ a plotted development by Citrus ventures. What really caught my attention was the attractive pricing. I decided to pick up a brochure and learnt more about the property. As I did my research, I realized that the property is a good deal not only for its pricing but, also has been identified as a potential area of growth. Accounting the activity at the Narasapura industrial area and The Vemgal Project, the area has been recognized as a potential area for real estate and automobile industry. Now that i had learned about the area, I couldn’t find a reason to not invest in Motown. Citrus ventures is a real miracle in my life. I’m more than eager to build my house here and give my children and grandchildren the privilege to live in a peaceful area that’s close to the city as well as my home town.”

“One customer taken care of could be more valuable than $ 10,000 worth of advertising” –  Jim Rohn.

This Is How India Celebrates Dussehra in Different ways!

We all know how Dussehra is celebrated in Karnataka.But did you know that the custom is not the same in all parts of India? Here are some of the different ways of celebrating Dussehra and they are pretty cool!

1.Eco- friendly Dussehra


While some regions celebrate by bursting way too many crackers,Kashmir and certain other regions of Northern India, celebrate with an agro-touch. The farmers plant barley on the day Navratri commences and on Dussehra, the newly sprouted shoots are placed behind the ears as symbols of luck by men.

2. Where Dussehra means school time!


The Dussehra tradition is slightly different is ‘Gods own country’.The festival here is considered most auspicious to begin studies.Many educational coures begin on this day.This could just be one of the reasons why literacy rates in Kerala are so up high!

3. When Ravan goes ‘ka- boom’


Give them a reason and they will burst fire- crackers to celebrate. Some regions of North India use effigies of Ravan that are stuffed with fire- crackers and brighten up the night sky when lit up. True Ravan haters, we must say!

4. Some modernist celebrations


This is the day when, in South Indian states, vehicles, books, computers and maybe smart phones too are worshipped.

5. Fancy dress?


In Tamil Nadu (Kulasekarapatnam), all through the festival, people dress up like different Gods and collect money. This is definitely fun because we all love ‘dress- up.’

6. Golden Flowers!


Gold is a must in most Indian festivals but, Dussehra in Maharashtra sees people substitute the metal with flowers which are golden. It’s a good thing because here, money cannot be a factor that will stop you from exchanging gifts.

7. Yummy in the tummy!


Of course, good food! It’s something without which no festival is awesome. In Odisha, the Durga Puja celebrations are concluded by cooking yummy delicacies like Dahi-Pakhal, local cakes, fried fish delicacies and sweets. Mmmm…

8. And for some it’s time for war!


We got you there, didn’t we? This, of course, does not happen in present day.In olden days, kings used Dussehra to cross across the border and wage war on nearby kingdoms. But people in Western India still leave their community and cross-over to a new community making friends and spreading goodwill. And this is how modernism saved the day!

Inspired by Indiatimes

8 Reasons to Invest In Motown

1.The Highway

Motown is located right on the national highway and proposed CBIC(Chennai Bangalore Industrial Corridor), a six lane highway.

2. Rapid Growth

The fastest growing place in Bangalore suburbs, specifically Narasapura Industrial Area and Vemgal Industrial area.

3. Auto Hot-spot

It is the largest Automobile Hub in Karnataka.

4. Narasapura Industrial Area 

Motown neighbourhood has seen big- ticket investments at the Narasapura Industrial Area by companies like Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation , Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India , Swedish truck maker Scania and Mahindra Aerospace. More than 22 companies have already acquired land in Narasapura and the area will see more companies investing here.

5 . Vemgal Industrial Area

UK-based Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals Ltd has made their entry to Vemgal Industrial Area to set up a Greenfield manufacturing unit. Mitsubishi Elevators, TATA Power SED and Shivam Autotech are other investments in the area.

6. Bengaluru- Chennai

Proposed High- speed rail link to connect B’luru- Chennai in just 72 minutes.

7. Employment generation

To employ over 30,000 people with 7,000 currently employed.

8. Realty Market

The Narasapura Industrial Area is also driving the realty market on this stretch between Hoskote and Narsapura. While at present most of those working in the industrial area reside between Hoskote and Kolar , the recent spurt in residential layouts and apartments along the route is also finding takers. Industry sources said that Hoskote- Kolar is one of the hot hubs of property deals with a long term returns and is proposed to develop into a satellite town.


His Crazy Stunt at a Traffic signal is Something we should avoid doing in India!

This might work in every other country but, India. If you ever plan on doing this in India, it’s the hearse you want to call instead of the ambulance!

If not whole of India, at least Bengaluru! People do not give 35,000 shits about pedestrians on the street nor do the pedestrians care about their lives! It’s a real miracle that I’ve survived here for more that 4 years and I haven’t taken a soul yet!

But kudos to this Mexican group who managed to bring about change in traffic etiquettes.

Top 10 dishes you must try when in Bengaluru!

1. Koshy’s


It is not just ‘well known.’ It’s legendary! Hardcore fans and loyal patrons have often had several stories to tell on the history of the place .Everything around Koshy’s might have changed but what truly remained legendary is their English breakfast items. The rumour is even Queen Elizabeth II feasted upon the glorious breakfast.

Location :St. Mark’s Road

2 . Hole in the wall


It’s a modern reprise that has gotten many drooling over their fun food. The sausages and bacon strips here literally cast a spell on you that you forget about that fancy meal you had at Taj.

Location :Koramangala

3. Idli Vada at Brahmin’s cafe


One of many things that are abundantly available in Bangalore are Idlis and Vadas. The sheer number of hotels that serve this South Indian staple breakfast makes it hard for us to choose the best one. But Brahmin’s is certainly one of the most well-known that has seen a large number of Idlis and Vadas mysteriously vanishing from the counter. Some of them say the chutney is the crowd magnet!

Location : Shankapuram, Basvanagudi

4. Dosas at Airlines Hotel


It would be a crime to leave out Airlines Hotel when we’re talking Dosas. This legendary hangout will cater fresh Dosas to your car door. And after all these years, this place still boasts of one of the best tasting dosas in the city.

Location: Lavelle Road

5. Ganesh Darshan’s Akki Roti


Like many other places, Ganesh Darshan is also renowned for its dosas, but it’s also one of the few places that serves quality Akki Roti. Yes! You read that right. Akki Roti! If you’re an Akki Roti virgin, this is the place to try your first one!

Location :Jaynagar 3rd block


6. MTR South Indian Meal


It’s not just one of the most iconic brands  in the city, but in the country as well. It’s something that makes you a proud Bangalorean. The meals here are scrumptious and not to forget the attractive ‘unlimited’ deal they offer that doesn’t let you stop.

Location : Lalbagh road

7. Truffles: All American cheese burger!


Previously known as Ice and Spice, Truffles junkies go through a long wait to grab their burgers. But all that waiting is worth it when you are seated and served one of the most iconic burgers in Bangalore with a big fat patty of cheese.

Location: St. Marks Road

8. Masala puri at Karnataka Bhel House


Like the Dosa fan base, Bangalore has a big chaat fan base as well. However, the best ones are available at popular places. One look at the crowd outside and anyone can quickly agree this is one of the chaat giants in the city. Amongst all chaat dishes here, the Bhel puri is what sells best !

Location: Uma Theatre road, Chamrajpet

9. Kesari bath at Veena Stores


The rava based dish is the mother of all baths in Bengaluru city. Kesari bath,a saffron flavoured dish is a perfect accompaniment at tea time. If you lack the sweet tooth, don’t hesitate to try the other non-sweet ‘baths.’

Location : Margosa road, Malleshwaram

10. CTR’s Mangalore Bajji ( Goli baje )


Central Tiffin Room or Sri Sagar as it is now named is famous for  Goli bajes, a popular dish from the coastal town of Mangalore and it seems no one in Bangalore makes it better than CTR. They’re best gobbled when hot!

Location: Malleshwaram

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10 Grammatical Errors we make on a regular basis

India reportedly has the largest number of second-language speakers of English. But our English has got many grammatical errors that almost all of us commit on a daily basis. So here are a few rectified errors that we might have thought was right all along.

O (1)

O (2)

O (3)

O (4)

O (5)

O (6)

O (8)

O (7)

O (10)

O (9)

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