We all know how Dussehra is celebrated in Karnataka.But did you know that the custom is not the same in all parts of India? Here are some of the different ways of celebrating Dussehra and they are pretty cool!

1.Eco- friendly Dussehra


While some regions celebrate by bursting way too many crackers,Kashmir and certain other regions of Northern India, celebrate with an agro-touch. The farmers plant barley on the day Navratri commences and on Dussehra, the newly sprouted shoots are placed behind the ears as symbols of luck by men.

2. Where Dussehra means school time!


The Dussehra tradition is slightly different is ‘Gods own country’.The festival here is considered most auspicious to begin studies.Many educational coures begin on this day.This could just be one of the reasons why literacy rates in Kerala are so up high!

3. When Ravan goes ‘ka- boom’


Give them a reason and they will burst fire- crackers to celebrate. Some regions of North India use effigies of Ravan that are stuffed with fire- crackers and brighten up the night sky when lit up. True Ravan haters, we must say!

4. Some modernist celebrations


This is the day when, in South Indian states, vehicles, books, computers and maybe smart phones too are worshipped.

5. Fancy dress?


In Tamil Nadu (Kulasekarapatnam), all through the festival, people dress up like different Gods and collect money. This is definitely fun because we all love ‘dress- up.’

6. Golden Flowers!


Gold is a must in most Indian festivals but, Dussehra in Maharashtra sees people substitute the metal with flowers which are golden. It’s a good thing because here, money cannot be a factor that will stop you from exchanging gifts.

7. Yummy in the tummy!


Of course, good food! It’s something without which no festival is awesome. In Odisha, the Durga Puja celebrations are concluded by cooking yummy delicacies like Dahi-Pakhal, local cakes, fried fish delicacies and sweets. Mmmm…

8. And for some it’s time for war!


We got you there, didn’t we? This, of course, does not happen in present day.In olden days, kings used Dussehra to cross across the border and wage war on nearby kingdoms. But people in Western India still leave their community and cross-over to a new community making friends and spreading goodwill. And this is how modernism saved the day!

Inspired by Indiatimes