Customers are no longer buying products and services. They are buying experiences through products and services. A home is most definitely not just a product to be looked up realty platforms online. No matter how fab the Tvc’s and the billboards are, you still need to experience it to believe it. So we decided to let our customers do the talking.

Here is what Mr E. Jacob, Founder and Director of Modern Printers , who recently invested in Citrus Ventures Motown , had to say about his experience with us.

E. Jacob Modern Printers FB Poster

“It had been 38 years since I moved out of Andhra Pradesh and shifted to Bangalore. In 1978,when I just began my journey in this city, all I wanted was to become something big, an achiever, a winner. The beginning was definitely a rough patch. Before my entrepreneurship, from an office assistant I became a supervisor and climbed the ladder to be a manager at a printing press. After I was able to stand steady on my own feet, I decided to start my own printing press. I had about a lakh and 20 thousand as my initial capital. The  year 1993 marked the beginning of my success. 22 fruitful years have gone by ever sine I began ‘ Modern Printers’ and by the grace of god, my dream has come true.

I often drive down to Andhra pradesh along with my grand daughters to visit my home town. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence or luck, I found ‘Motown’ a plotted development by Citrus ventures. What really caught my attention was the attractive pricing. I decided to pick up a brochure and learnt more about the property. As I did my research, I realized that the property is a good deal not only for its pricing but, also has been identified as a potential area of growth. Accounting the activity at the Narasapura industrial area and The Vemgal Project, the area has been recognized as a potential area for real estate and automobile industry. Now that i had learned about the area, I couldn’t find a reason to not invest in Motown. Citrus ventures is a real miracle in my life. I’m more than eager to build my house here and give my children and grandchildren the privilege to live in a peaceful area that’s close to the city as well as my home town.”

“One customer taken care of could be more valuable than $ 10,000 worth of advertising” –  Jim Rohn.