November 2015

Bangalore: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Looking at old pictures and reminiscing the past has always been a beautiful experience. Re-living all those fond memories, awe-struck of the transformation that has taken place has become a tradition. And that’s why we decided to take a little stroll down memory lane.

Change is inevitable and here’s what it did to Namma Bengaluru!

1. Commercial Street


Commercial street not so shop friendly back then.

Commercial old


A top spot for smart shopping, Commercial street is now an ideal place for all your needs. Name it, you can get it here!

Comercial - new


2. Brigade road 


The first ever Nilgiris in Bangalore was opened on Brigade road in 1939. The store still exits.



A lot more brands and commercial stores opened up at brigade and became a hot spot for locals and a ‘must see’ for many visitors.

Shopping on Brigade Road


3. M.G Road 


Like how every city has an M.G Road, we have one too.Although it was previously known as the South parade road.



It is now one of the busiest roads in the city and to have a home or an office here just makes your address look super fancy.


MG roadkk


4. The Oriental building


The oriental building at the intersection of M.G Road and St. Marks Road houses the LIC from quite a long time. While everything around has undergone a drastic facelift, this building still holds on to its heritage.

Oriental-Building- Old


Today, most of them recognize this place as the building opposite the notorious ‘ Hard Rock Cafe’



5. Race Course


The race course has witnessed the transformation for about 95 years now. If only we could watch a time- lapse of the changes around it and within.

Bangalore-race course - Old


From a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly! At least, that’s how we see it!


6. Russel Market


Fruits, vegetables and meat. That’s what Russel Market was famous for back in 1927.

Russel-Market old


As times change, our needs have also magnified. Russel Market now sells a lot more that just fruits,vegetables and meat and is super crowded on weekends.


7. Bangalore Fort


The Bangalore fort is considered to be the foundation for the city. The fort was initially made of mud and was converted to a stone fort in the 17th century!



Although the stone walls still remain untouched, the officials have taken special care in maintaining this heritage structure as well as the surrounding.



8. Town Hall


Built in 1930, this famous location mark has been pretty much untouched like the Oriental building we mentioned earlier. The structure is a work of art and was considered to be way ahead of its time.


Townhall- Old


Yes.It’s been well maintained by the officials.


9.  Vidhana Soudha


This picture of Vidhana Soudha is couple of years before it was completed in 1956.



Today, this state of the art building is a star spot of Bangalore and has several vistors from all over the world.



10. New Opera House


Weekends pretty much meant a visit to the Opera house. It kicked off as a ball room in the 1930s and was converted to a theatre in 1960.



The building is now left with  barely an activity taking place. Although it still serves as a good landmark for many.

New-Opera-House- New











Indian Passports Will Be Declared Invalid on November 24th

If you’re busy packing your bags for your New Year trip abroad, you better replace your passport ASAP!

The Government of India has urged all residing and non- residing Indian citizens to replace their handwritten passports with machine readable passports(MRPs). According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (IACO) the deadline to globally eliminate all non- machine readable passports is 24th November 2015.

And after this rule comes into force, all other countries may deny Visa or entry to any person travelling with a non-machine readable passport.

Here’s What You Should Do:

If your Passport looks something like this (below), you are advised to get it replaced by MRPs by the 24th of November.



Hand written passports issued before 2001, with a validity of 20 years need to get it re-issued right away.

Indian citizens residing in India and abroad and holding passports with validity beyond November 24, 2015 should apply for the reissue of their passports well before deadline. ( 24th November)

Once you’ve replaced your passport, this is how it should look like:



Click here for more details :


Funny Things That Happen When It Rains In Bengaluru

Inspired by ‘Transformers,’ Bengaluru buses switch to submarine mode!


Trees start singing “Husha! Busha! We all fall down!”


Bengaluru Traffic starts playing ‘London Statue’

KPN photo


“There is no place for intolerance in India.”You think Bangalore is intolerant? Wrong! 


We misunderstand bus drivers! They’re just playing pranks on two- wheelers. Claps for their sense of humour!

India Floods

They said “Make in India,” and we made our own Niagra falls.


Apparently, traffic lights are not valid when it rains. We were shocked to hear this. So we went out for a drive during the rain to investigate! Guess what? IT’S TRUE!


The potholes are so big that some people get their pets here for a swim!


Your cousin from Jodhpur thinks this is what you do when it rains in Bangalore


While this is what you’re actually doing.


Here’s Why Staying United is the Biggest Weapon Against ISIS

Waleed Aly, a host of ‘The Project’ an Australian news website made a powerful speech on the Paris Terror attacks , saying IS is much weaker and they aim to fuel hate between religious communities.

The yound media presenter also said that through a false image of omnipotent terror, IS aims to create a divide between Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide, leading to a “great war.”

This Video went viral and has generated a big response from people all around the world showing their support to Paris and promoting unity among all religions.

14 Quotes By The First Prime Minister of India – ‘Chacha Nehru’

Most of us are aware that ‘Chacha Nehru’ was the first prime minister of India and an icon for children. But did you know Nehruji and his speeches were quite intellectually stimulating? Here are a few quotes that might trigger some epiphanies in your mind.

Nehru FB Poster 09

Nehru FB Poster 08

Nehru FB Poster 06

Nehru FB Poster 10

Nehru FB Poster 07

Nehru FB Poster 05

Nehru FB Poster 13

Nehru FB Poster 14

Nehru FB Poster 12

Nehru FB Poster 04

Nehru FB Poster 11

Nehru FB Poster 01

Nehru FB Poster 03

Nehru FB Poster 02

Bangalore North: Latest Growth Corridor

North Bangalore has witnessed tremendous growth since 2010. The comparison can be drawn to areas of Bangalore South east (like Sarjapura Road, ORR and Whitefield) which had heady growth in the decades 1990 – 2010. The factors driving growth in Whitefield was the declaring of the EPIP zone and ramping up of operations of ITPL in the nineties. The decade 2000-10 saw Whitefield adding new office spaces, similarly increased absorption of offices spaces in ORR (Intel, RMZ Eco Space, Vrindavan tech park, Pritech Park) and Sarjapur Road (WIPRO) were noticed. The residential, retail and entertainment developments in these areas also kept pace with the commercial space development. The capital values of spaces and land in these areas are very high. Further, land is now at a short supply. These areas are bursting their seams and commuting within and on the roads leading in and out of these areas have become a nightmare.

During the decade 2000-10, Bangalore North came into lime light. The Bangalore International Airport came into operation in the year 2008. This acted as a magnet for growth in Bangalore north. The Karnataka government in its effort to boost growth in Bangalore has identified several initiatives as mentioned below (located in Bangalore North)

Creation of ITIR (Information technology Investment region)

Twelve thouand acres of land 15 kms north of Bangalore International Airport at the Nandi foothills between Chikkaballapur and Doddaballapura in the MuddenahalliKanivenarayanapura area has been identified for this purpose. The total investment here is about rupees one lakh crores, with an employment potential of 1.2 million (direct) and 2.8 million (indirect). Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation (KEONICS) has recently issued Expression of Interest (EOI) for developing the region. Over 55 multinational IT companies including Infosys, Wipro, TCS, and Cognizant have signaled an interest in joining and have signed MOUs.

Creation of Devanahalli Business Park

This park will have exclusive areas for various segments. It will include an IT Park (of over 1000 acres) ,Hardware park (over 900 acres) and an Aerospace park( about 900 acres). This will be in proximity to the Bangalore International Airport. These developments are proposed to create about 1 million jobs.

Financial City: The foundation stone for the financial city has been laid in April 2012. This finance city will be close to the International airport

Bangalore North already boasts of Manyata Tech Park (18 million sft) , Kirloskar Tech Park and the huge under construction Karle Tech Park (4 million sft).

Bangalore north has some of the top schools in Bangalore. The schools include Vidyashilp, Aditi Mallya, Canadian International, Ryan international, Embassy stonehill International to name a few . Some of the top engineering colleges here are BMS IT, MSR IT, NITTE Meenakshi , Nagarjuna etc. To top it all, the prestigious head quarters of the VTU (Visvesvarya Technological University) is being relocated to Bangalore North.

The growth has caught the eye of all developers, thus creating high end residential spaces in the strategic suburbs of Hebbal. You can find lavish edifices which have not been seen anywhere in Bangalore come up in a big way here. In fact,  Hebbal is touted as the new Indiranagar of Bangalore.

The area is generating huge demand for residential spaces and also seeing capital appreciation as never before.  Seeing the location advantages of this Bangalore North,  “EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE HERE

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