Did you know that the Dakshina Pinakini river also known as Pennar River originates in Nandi Hills ??

The Pinakini river rises on the hill of Nandi Hills and travels north and east through the Andhra Pradesh on its way to the Bay of Bengal.  It is 597 km (371 mi) long, with a drainage basin 55,213 sq. km (21,318 sq mi) large. Pinakini is one of the Sanskrit name of goddess Parvati the consort of Lord Shiva. On the foothills of Nandi Hills is the famous Bhoga nandeeshwara temple where they are the presiding deities

This river basin occupies nearly 55,213 sq. km area. Pennar is an interstate river with 6,937 sq. km and 48,276 sq. km river basin area located in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh respectively. The river basin receives 500 mm average rain fall annually. The southwest monsoon in the catchment area and the northeast monsoon in Tamil Nadu are the main feeds to the river.

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This water flow raises the water table throughout the river basin and feeds numerous reservoirs/tanks.The river basin lies in the rain shadow region of Eastern Ghats.

Kelavarapalli dam is built across this river near  Hosur. The Krishnagiri Dam( gross capacity of 1666.0 M.Cft at FRL) and Sathanur dam also built across this river.

The Pushkarni (step well) at the Nandi temple where the river originates is 3 km from Belmont.