All of us Bengalureans love the sheer originality of the Dose fair you get to taste in town be it the legendary Vidyarthi Bhavan, Janata, CTR, Mylari, Balepet Srikrishna Bhavan, Janardana,  MTR or the several thousands of eateries around town.

Today we try to find out the origins of this humble crispy rice and urad dal combination which all of us grew up on.

One school of thought, based on the study of KT Acharya chronicled in his book “The Story of our Food”, traces its origin to Tamilnadu. There are enough reference  to the Dosa in the Sangam literature of 1 AD, apparently

Another noted historian & researcher PT Nair is of the view that Dosa originated in Udupi, which is seconded by Pat Chapman noted English food researcher.

From its small begining innovative cooks have evolved it into a Star Food. Different batters dish out Rava Dosa, Ada dosa, Appam etc. Some of the interesting varieties are:

Gold foiled dosa

gold dosa

Mysore masala dosa

mysore masala

Sunny Side up Dosa

sunny side up dosa

Davangere Benne Dosa

4 davangere benne dosa

Kutty Dosa

kutty dosa