Let me introduce you to two cousins Ghrelin & Leptin who react to hunger differently. Knowing them will change your life forever.


Ghrelin – Is a hormone that increases your apetite. When your tummy is empty it releases Ghrelin which immediately sends a message to brain asking for refill. This is when you feel the urge to hog.

Leptin – Is a hormone made of a fat cells and can suppress your hunger. So if you have had a good meal it sends a message to the brain to ask you stop eating.

The biggest challenge for the tummy is Ghrelin is stronger than Leptin so many times Leptin’s message is not heeded to by the brain which is why you overeat. If you want to win The Hunger Games and be healthy learn how to manage Ghrelin. By eating certain foods your tummy feels full and will refuse to release Ghrelin they are:

  1. Egg
  2. Oats
  3. Boiled Potatoes
  4. Apples

APPLE.jpgboiled potatoesoatmealEGG

The biggest surprise for me was to learn that Rooibos Tea, a personal favourite of mine, also works.