David Bowie’s musical approach was way way ahead of time that people took time to catch up with his thought process. We celebrate disruption and ascribe crazy valuation for disruptive approach. Bowie was master of disruption. Every album was in its own genre. He was Pop, Rock, Jazz and all that was Music. Many of the 80’s and millenial big bands swear by his influence.

From the 60’s when he started off to early last week when he released his last album online,he knew how to reach to his audience. The last album he released from his hospital bed.

What the world did not give him enough credit was for his “Bowie Bonds”. David Bowie securitised the future royalties on his music and issued a US$ 55 mio bonds. Moodys originally rated them Investment grade. He was one of the few artists who knew the time value of money besides knowing the pulse of his audience.


Take a Bow(ie).