Don’t get me wrong this is not our BBMP or Government of India talking. Zug a state of Switzerland has asked its citizens to delay paying taxes for as long as possible. What could be the logic behind this.


NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES – This is not something we are used to. Swiss Banks are asking account holders to pay almost 0.75% to keep the money in the Bank. The same story continues into much of the Eurozone, where the policy rate is negative -0.3%. Many of the Government Bonds are also carrying negative yield. WOW – what a new formula Loan money and also pay money for them to take loan from you. Height of bankruptcy of economic ideas!!

We are going through a hitherto unchartered economic waters where commodity prices are crashing, cash is aplenty, credit and consumer buying is lowest. Result it costs you money to keep your money. Reason – Major economies are moving in a directionless fashion, Fear in the mind of common man is at its speak, Trust is low.

Get out start something new today, don’t wait for ACHE DIN