Collage nandi hills

The gruelling Tour de France is made up of 21 stages and covers a total distance of 3,360 kilometres. There are 9 flat stages, 3 hill stages, 7 mountain stages,1 individual time-trial stage and 1 team time-trial stage. And now, you don’t have to go to France – you can have a similar experience right here in Bangalore!

Take a daylong (around 12 hours) Nandi Challenge Cycling Tour to the 1,479m-high hill. Nandi Hill is a small hill station north of Bangalore and is about 75 km from the city. It is known for being Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. Feast your eyes on breathtaking views of a pristine landscape, take pleasure in riding through 40 curves and bends and enjoy the smell of paddy fields and vineyards along the way.

On the itinerary:

Start your picturesque ride from our project Citrus Belmont at the foothills of Nandi,with a stopover at Bhoganandeeswara Temple. From here, begin the challenging ascent to the hilltop marked by simply stunning natural visuals. Once at the peak after a 3 hour ride, explore Tipu’s Drop, the fort and temple. Regain lost stamina with a sumptuous meal at restaurant in the Hilltop restaurant, relax for a short while and start descending. As you reach the end of your biking journey you’ll come away with a refreshed soul, a well spent day in the outdoors and, of course, a great workout session.