Humans evolved from a hunter gatherer society to agricultural society to industrial society. With industrialisation high urbanisation has also taken place resulting in large scale food production. The new system of mass produced foods mean greater focus on higher yield, longer shelf life and not necessarily better quality.

If you are worried about the usage of chemicals in fruits & vegetables, its time you turned an urban farmer and grow your own food. Your balcony, terrace or your backyard can be your own farm.Growing one’s own food also mean increased safety, health and enjoyment.

terrace garden

The thrill of eating something you have watched grow from a seed to a full grown fruit or vegetable has to be experienced. The good wholesome feeling you get from knowing that the food on your plate is organic. Oh, and the unbeatable original taste.

Have your children pick their own vegetables and get them hooked on to taking care of their plants in real space and not on farmville or some computer game.

At Casa Green we are assisting everyone set up a kitchen garden, to make the green living complete.


At Casa Greens, we totally believe in a Green environment. We have created space for your organic farm.