Our first tryst with Marathon started today at the RFUM 5k run at Cubbon Park, Bangalore. Must say we have our running shoes ready. What a turn out (Bangalore : 5.45 am more than 600 people registered and more lining up), what a great environment, what energy and the early morning Zumba had everyone swinging.

Pheidippides a greek “human courier” ran 40 km from the battlefields to Athens announcing Greek victory at the “Battle of Marathon”. After he announced the victory he fell down and died.¬†Statue of Pheidippides along the Marathon Road.jpg

There is an Indian angle to Marathons.

The oldest marathon runner is Fauja Singh an Indian Origin British National who at the age of 93 finished marathon in 6 hrs and 54 minutes. The great athlete talks to god while running.

Budhia Singh from Orissa who did a marathon in 7 hrs and 2 minutes and was recorded as the youngest marathoner.

Let me leave you with this great marathon quote: