Bangalore has been rightly assigned the nickname – ‘The Silicon Valley of India’ since it is the nucleus of the IT sector of the country. This industry took root mainly in 2001 with the establishment of several foreign and national IT companies in localities like Whitefield, Electronic City and Outer Ring Road. Since these localities are located approximately 10-15 km from central Bangalore, during peak office hours IT engineers end up spending up to 3 hours commuting to and from office every day.

Due to long commutes, most companies have increasingly become open to work-from-home option or telecommuting. The firms have realised the various benefits of this option, and have begun to enforce telecommuting facilities and policies. Working from home not only reduces travel time, but also saves on gas, reduces carbon footprint, allows the employee to spend more time with family, lets the employee avoid distractions and work in the comfort of his home.

The modern working environment necessitates collaboration in various forms such as:

  • International conference calls on VOIP
  • Accessing data on high speed networks
  • Video calls
  • Documentation requirements of printing, photocopying, faxing and scanning.

Business Centres in Residential Developments

Image Courtesy: Royalty free Google images.

Most modern homes are not built with these facilities to accommodate work-from-home. Hence, it can get troublesome for an employee to work from home without such access. Due to this reason, developers are increasingly integrating extra amenities along with the common facilities. Private business lounge is one such amenity which is offered with the following provisions:

  • Work stations
  • High speed broadband link
  • Sound-proof discussion rooms with IP phones
  • Video conferencing facility
  • Printing, binding, photocopy and fax machines
  • Conference rooms
  • Pantry facility

With this, developers have managed to bring the office into the residential development. And we at Citrus Ventures, are one of the very few developers who provide this advantage. We have incorporated the private business lounge feature in two of our upcoming projects – Citrus VenturesPolaris and Casa Greens.