Not everyone is familiar with real estate jargon. Realtors and agents often use such terms while conversing. And unless you’re aware about it, they’ll be witnessing a blank expression across your face. When looking around for a new property, be sure to read our blogs for guidance. There are some agents in the market who can utilise your lack of knowledge and fool you.

Carpet Area is one such commonly used term. So what does it mean? Is it the area covered by a carpet as the name suggests? Yes. The usable area that is within a house or apartment excluding the thickness of the walls constitutes the carpet area. This is the area that’s available for your use within a housing unit. Spaces such as balcony, lobby area, play area, lift and stairs are not included in it.

Large Homes in a Small World

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Now why is carpet area important? Whether you wish to buy, rent or sell a property, the price of the property is going to be calculated per square foot. So one must be aware of the dimensions and calculations, i.e. per square foot of what is the calculation based on. There are other ways of calculating dimensions, such as Built-up Area and Super Built-up Area. Hence, a rate of a property per square foot carpet area gives you a clear understanding of the space that you will have at your disposal – bedroom, kitchen, living room etc.

Aries Lakeview are opulent apartments built by Citrus Ventures with futuristic amenities that fulfil every need of yours in every way. In this property, we offer you with the highest carpet area available in the market. Now, you can do more in the same space with those extra hundreds of square feet. Besides this, every imaginable facility is within access at Aries Lakeview apartments.