mother-and-son-1310307Thousands of infinite and indescribable emotions that go from wishing for Mother’s Day to celebrating Mother’s Day.When I was a child, Mother’s Day preparations varied from doing a couple of things like doting my mother, following her wherever she went like the hutch dog. A bouquet made of wild flowers and grass.Making breakfast for Mom. Or it was writing a poem for her.”Mother who taught these infant lips to pray. One who cuddled and cradled me when I was young”.And now at this very juncture where I have become a mother my love and respect for her increased multi fold because of the pains and sacrifice’s taken to enter the very phase of motherhood.My heart goes out at the simplest act of my daughter.Before any teenie weenie discomfort befalls her, it’s me who tosses and turns. I remember the way I cried when she had her first dose of vaccination. I clench my heart tight when she takes those wobbly steps or when she falls back. I simply adore the way she smiles when she’s up to something and the way she hugs and kisses me. There are a thousand things that I love of her. For instance, the way she picks the tiniest morsel of food from her mouth and puts into mine. Be it when she clings me when she is having bath. Or where she brings her sipper for me to quench her thirst. They maybe the most random simple acts but at any given point and time she ranges from being cute, cuddly, beautiful, brattish and can melt even the devil’s heart with her impish little grin. This Mother’s Day I pray for every women on this planet who wants to become a mother to be blessed with a child. Ameen!