With the conversation on women and their empowerment gaining momentum, there is increased focus on this demographic that has often been ignored especially when it comes to real estate investment. Citrus Ventures aims to address this gap with ‘Motown Vega’, their integrated housing project with friendly price points that can be a great value add to any woman’s investment portfolio.

When it comes to investment, women are commonly encouraged to invest in FD’s or mutual funds or other low risk options with better returns. Dabbling in real estate is often considered a risky proposition, because market conditions, maintenance costs, loans and property valuations change frequently and are considered too much for women to handle.

However, contrary to general perception, real estate is a very good investment option for women, which works to their advantage in the long run.

There are many reasons for the above statement;

  • Valuing real estate for cash flow and not capital gains Investing in real estate must be thought of as a long-term strategy and women play the waiting game very well. By assessing the property carefully and investing for good returns, a good cash flow can be maintained continuously for many years.
  • Using Other People’s Money Unlike other investment options which have to be paid from your own pocket, real estate requires a 20% down payment with 80% valuation put up by the bank. Women can take advantage of this as a better option compared to other popular investment instruments.
  • Rental payments cover debt With real estate investment, real value is in the rent generated. It covers initial cash investment and loan amount, and women can benefit from the steady income it provides.
  • Hidden Profit areas Investment in property also translates into lowering of taxable income, re-investment into other real estate and minimal tax options on assets. These are all profit areas that can be considered which works beneficially for women in the long run.

Motown Vega, an affordable housing project of Citrus Ventures comprises residential units that work as a great investment option for women. As a small integrated mini-township, these 1 BHK residential units located on Old Madras Highway NH4 are right at the heart of the automobile industry in an area that is witnessing rapid growth in economic activity, retail and infrastructure. Our project empowers women to consider real estate as a viable investment by providing pocket-friendly options that have all amenities and can be meticulously planned as an investment or living option.