We ensure buying property need not be a risk.

With Citrus Ventures, you are assured ‘Peace of Mind’ and a guarantee to own a property that has clear titles. We  do not begin construction till we get all requisite clearances for the entire project. These include : Title Clearance, Bank Approvals, Development/Town Planning Authority approvals, NOC from applicable public utility/safety agencies and any other approvals necessary as per the project.

Citrus Ventures, comes with a diversified assets portfolio and a unique business model, seeking to create a revolutionary home ownership experience and new standards of quality in the industry. Owned and run by a team of professionals, Citrus Ventures is the ideal partner to design and build a dream home. From design to materials, communication to engagement, offering to specifications, documentation to approvals and the team of expert’s endeavor to offer a fresh approach.

We intend to engage and connect with our customers on multiple levels, making the entire experience from selection to possession and beyond a pleasant and memorable one.

Every property from Citrus Ventures comes with a unique feature “HONESTY”