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The Breathtaking Jakkur Lake

Bangalore was once called the city of a thousand lakes, but over time, it has lost most of these water bodies to urbanization, sewage dumping and encroachment. In 1960, there were approximately 282 lakes while today, barely 34 remain in their full glory. Besides the Cauvery river, the only water resources that Bangalore can fall back on for fresh water are its lakes and ever sought-after groundwater. These lakes, wells and other water bodies are disappearing fast as most of them are dumped with sewage and garbage. To worsen the situation, groundwater is depleting too.

Jakkur Lake

Image Courtesy: Royalty free Google images.

Situated in the north-eastern part of the city, the Jakkur Lake is one of the largest and cleanest water bodies in Bangalore. It is the main lake in the chain of lakes comprising of the Yelahanka Lake upstream and the Rachenahalli Lake downstream. The 140-acre large lake has recently been rejuvenated by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA). Besides being a freshwater lake that provides water to the city, it is particularly important because it is a potential model for the Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM). A sewage treatment plant (STP) with a capacity to treat 10 million litres a day was set up north of the lake by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB). This treatment plant receives wastewater from about 12,500 households from areas around Jakkur such as Yelahanka and Chokkanahalli. The plant is currently able to let out 8 million litres of treated water into the man-made wetland that further purifies the water naturally before letting it enter the lake. This means that the lake is fed with 8 million litres of treated water every day, which in turn recharges the ground, increases the water table and fills up the bore-wells and the beautiful old open wells. These are the heritage structures that adorn this area and are highly in need of preservation. The constant water inflow has made the lake a hotspot for biodiversity of all sorts. It also ensures that the lake is always full, thus providing potable water to the communities who use the wells around the area. This makes the system around this lake truly unique.

Jakkur Lake - Biodiversity - Pelican

Image Courtesy: Royalty free Google images.

After a careful understanding, we at Citrus Ventures, have come up with a residential development – Citrus Ventures – Aries Lakeview in this promising area. These luxury homes, nestled away from the city hubbub, offers a calm and peaceful environment close to nature.


Business Centre in Residential Developments

Bangalore has been rightly assigned the nickname – ‘The Silicon Valley of India’ since it is the nucleus of the IT sector of the country. This industry took root mainly in 2001 with the establishment of several foreign and national IT companies in localities like Whitefield, Electronic City and Outer Ring Road. Since these localities are located approximately 10-15 km from central Bangalore, during peak office hours IT engineers end up spending up to 3 hours commuting to and from office every day.

Due to long commutes, most companies have increasingly become open to work-from-home option or telecommuting. The firms have realised the various benefits of this option, and have begun to enforce telecommuting facilities and policies. Working from home not only reduces travel time, but also saves on gas, reduces carbon footprint, allows the employee to spend more time with family, lets the employee avoid distractions and work in the comfort of his home.

The modern working environment necessitates collaboration in various forms such as:

  • International conference calls on VOIP
  • Accessing data on high speed networks
  • Video calls
  • Documentation requirements of printing, photocopying, faxing and scanning.

Business Centres in Residential Developments

Image Courtesy: Royalty free Google images.

Most modern homes are not built with these facilities to accommodate work-from-home. Hence, it can get troublesome for an employee to work from home without such access. Due to this reason, developers are increasingly integrating extra amenities along with the common facilities. Private business lounge is one such amenity which is offered with the following provisions:

  • Work stations
  • High speed broadband link
  • Sound-proof discussion rooms with IP phones
  • Video conferencing facility
  • Printing, binding, photocopy and fax machines
  • Conference rooms
  • Pantry facility

With this, developers have managed to bring the office into the residential development. And we at Citrus Ventures, are one of the very few developers who provide this advantage. We have incorporated the private business lounge feature in two of our upcoming projects – Citrus VenturesPolaris and Casa Greens.

8 Reasons to Invest In Motown

1.The Highway

Motown is located right on the national highway and proposed CBIC(Chennai Bangalore Industrial Corridor), a six lane highway.

2. Rapid Growth

The fastest growing place in Bangalore suburbs, specifically Narasapura Industrial Area and Vemgal Industrial area.

3. Auto Hot-spot

It is the largest Automobile Hub in Karnataka.

4. Narasapura Industrial Area 

Motown neighbourhood has seen big- ticket investments at the Narasapura Industrial Area by companies like Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation , Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India , Swedish truck maker Scania and Mahindra Aerospace. More than 22 companies have already acquired land in Narasapura and the area will see more companies investing here.

5 . Vemgal Industrial Area

UK-based Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals Ltd has made their entry to Vemgal Industrial Area to set up a Greenfield manufacturing unit. Mitsubishi Elevators, TATA Power SED and Shivam Autotech are other investments in the area.

6. Bengaluru- Chennai

Proposed High- speed rail link to connect B’luru- Chennai in just 72 minutes.

7. Employment generation

To employ over 30,000 people with 7,000 currently employed.

8. Realty Market

The Narasapura Industrial Area is also driving the realty market on this stretch between Hoskote and Narsapura. While at present most of those working in the industrial area reside between Hoskote and Kolar , the recent spurt in residential layouts and apartments along the route is also finding takers. Industry sources said that Hoskote- Kolar is one of the hot hubs of property deals with a long term returns and is proposed to develop into a satellite town.


7 Ways to Improve your Diet

1. Swap your orange juice for an orange


Whenever you crave for ‘Citrus’ avoid juicing them.  Eat an orange instead of a glass of juice! Oranges contain more fibre than a glass of juice. Why fibre? To make your digestive system happy!

2. Eat your crispies from a Bowl


Avoiding Potato chips has definitely been a challenge for most of us. The next time you buy a bag of chips, put some in a bowl. This way you may not end up devouring the whole bag.

Studies have shown that when you eat straight from the bag, your brain doesn’t tell you to stop. You’re more likely to eat more this way than if you had poured a finite amount into a plate or a bowl.

3. Switch to Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate helps restore flexibility to arteries while also preventing white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels – both common causes of artery clogging. Also, it has half the amount of sugar milk chocolates have.

4. When the sun shines, it’s breakfast time


Eat a healthy breakfast! This important meal keeps you from being starved by mid- day and lunch! And we all know starvation leads to gluttony.

5. Eat slowly!


Your body takes a while to register that your hunger has been satisfied. Don’t be in hurry to satisfy that hunger. This way, you could save up to 70 calories by eating slowly over half an hour.

6. Morning people are healthy people

good morning iisc jee

Morning light has magical effects! Researchers have found that morning light helps lower body fat by kicking off your body’s metabolism.

7. Eat and then watch your favourite show


Eating while distracted can make you take in up to 40 per cent more calories than usual.  This is how the popcorn industry makes it big when tied up with Cinema theatres.

Top 5 Adventurous trekking spots around Bangalore

Nature has blessed us with scenic mountains, hills, rivers and lakes yet, we spend most of our time living amidst sky-scraping buildings, the bustling traffic, the annoying by-passers that take a toll on our mental health. We all need an escape and if you live in Bangalore, you are just a few kilometres from that ‘peace of mind’ you are looking for.

Pack your bags, hit the road and reach your destination where you  can have more than enough of nature. Trek up misty mountains, take a stroll amidst nature or just camp in the wild. Let mother nature take care of you.

1. Ramanagara Trek

ramanagaram-boulders--sholay-filming-site (1)

Image courtesy :

Ramanagara is one of the most popular trekking spots around Bangalore.It is located about 50 kilometres from the main city and the entire landscape is covered with rocky hills and valleys.

This is the very place where ‘Sholay,’ the box office blockbuster was filmed. The land of Gabbar Singh holds appeal with vegetation scattered over the place .Ramanagara is also famed for sightings of some highly rare species of birds such as the Long Billed Vulture and Yellow Throated Bulbul.

The trek is not way too challenging as compared to other trekking spots around Bangalore. The peak not only has a panoramic view but, also has an enchanting water body . Don’t forget to try the ‘Thatte Idli’ sold by many mobile vendors. This should definitely re- boot your system after the trek.

2. Skandagiri Hills


Image courtesy :

Skandagiri, located around 70 kilometres from Bangalore is  2 hours drive from the city. Offering a bird’s eye view of the sky and  the land beneath, this 8 kilometres trek is made up of rugged terrains and can be completed within 4-5 hours.

Skandagiri is notorious for its creepy night treks.The climb is a fair challenge till Papagni temple. It soon gets a little tricky as the walls of the ancient temple test you with many challenges. The trek up the peak could possibly be a struggle but, the view at the peak is worth breaking sweat. To reward yourself, you could unwind with a bonfire, avoiding stinging kisses from the freezing breeze. Carry a sleeping bag if you really want to get super comfy.

You don’t need to trek by yourself. Guides are always available. If you ever plan a trip to Skandagiri and you don’t have a guide for your night trek, leave to the hills at 3 or 4 am to  witness the mesmerizing sunrise!

3. Savanadurga Trek

View from the top

Image courtesy :

Assumed to be one of the largest pieces of single rock formations in Asia, Savanadurga hills are located about 60 kilometers to the west of the city of Bangalore.

This hill is a whopping 1,200 meters above sea level and is also considered to be a part of the Deccan Plateau. Savanadurga is definitely an ideal place for trekkers and camping frenzies for an enlightening and adventure filled experience.

The Billigudda and the Karigudda are the two hills within Savanadurga. Between these two massive rock formations lies Ramanagara. Rock climbing is one more thing you could try if you have the right equipment.

As you trek up the hills of Savanadurga, you also come across the ruins of a majestic fortress, which was built by Kempe Gowda II and later occupied by the legendary Tipu Sultan.

4. Antaragange Caves


Image courtesy:

Antaragange, literally means ‘Ganges from deep’ in Kannada. Located amidst the Shathashrunga Range, Antaragange is a pure example for nature’s work of art,  around 70 kilometers from Bangalore. This stony series of hills is an ultimate experience; the thrill of caving and the day/night trekking. The trek is about 4 kms and would take you around 3 hours to complete.

For all you Steve Irwins out there, you are likely to encounter snakes, sloth bears and monkeys along the route. Secure your bags and food packets. The monkeys fancy junk food. Do read up on how to tackle animal encounters without harming them before you make this trip.

If you plan a night trek, the rocks grow cold at night. Hence, it is advisable to carry a thick jacket and a bright torch on the trek. The night trek takes about 6 hours, allowing short rest stops on the way. Carrying a tent up the hill would be ideal. On a clear day, one can see the lights of Kolar town from the peak.

5. Bheemeshwari Trek


Image courtesy:

With a landscape that appears green up to the horizon, Bheemeshwari is a trekker’s paradise. Situated at a distance of about 100 kilometers from the city, away from civilization, this region is blessed with blossoming greenery and calm waters of River Cauvery. The picturesque place is just perfect for a stroll through nature. But if you are an adrenaline junkie, you could also indulge in trekking and other exploratory activities.

This massive green patch exhibits a wide range of flora and fauna and is also perfect to spot some rare species of birds and other creatures. The terrain is comparitively gentle with rocks scattered around the region. Of course, there are a few slopes for all you trekking enthusiasts.

North Bangalore – Reloaded: Jakkurado, Yelahankashire, Hebbaltimore

North Bangalore, not so fashionable an address until a few years ago, is now becoming the neighbourhood of the town. It is famed for being a self contained suburb of Bangalore city housing maximum number of residential  units with luxury housing.

A good percentage of housing launches in North Bangalore are now better as compared to East Bangalore. North zone suburbs are mostly happening due to the presence of well developed public infrastructure, social conveniences and development of IT SEZs. The turning point of this region came about with the setting up of the International Airport at Devanahalli.

A few years ago, Bangalore mostly referred addresses like  Jayanagar, Malleswaram, Sadashivnagar,Koramangala, Indiranagar for residential living while shopping always meant M.G Road, Brigade Road and Commercial Street.However, all that has been transformed for good. While the established suburban areas have held their fame, new neighbourhoods are becoming more appealing, especially for those who live amidst the city bustle.

Areas in North Bangalore like Jakkur, Yelahanka and Hebbal are now a bustling business corridor. These areas have witnessed several landmark developers heavily investing here. Jakkur, situated right next to Hebbal and opposite Sahakar Nagar, has seen tremendous growth in residential projects.

Amongst projects like Sobha Emerald and Prestige Dorchester situated in Jakkur, is Aries Lakeview by Citrus Ventures. This project comes with a panoramic view of the Jakkur Lake, which has developed an eco system of its own. It is  also one of the cleanest lakes in Bangalore city and a paradise for migrating birds, housing 10,000 birds making Jakkur Lake their haven. This lake has also been instrumental in replenishing the ground water table.

Jakkur Lake, one of the cleanest in Bangalore

Image Courtesy:

Aries Lakeview, situated away from the city commotion, is well connected with access to the NH-7 highway and the outer ring road. Employees working within the Central Business District(CBD) and tech parks like Manyata SEZ, Kiroloskar Business and more, now have the opportunity to live closer to work. Places in proximity to Aries Lakeview also include the Jakkur flying club, Ranchenahalli Lake, Arkavathy Layout and GKVK- University of Agricultural Sciences as well as schools like VIBGYOR High and Ryan International School.

Aries Lakeview, one of the projects in Jakkur
Aries Lakeview, one of the projects in Jakkur

With the saturation of popular city areas and continuous expansion of the city, new neighbourhoods are becoming more appealing to buyers.

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