A sudden halt and the kids jump off the car , running to their holiday home , by the window, looking at the serene hills and then a montage of a happy family with children and grandparents playing on swings, a jumpy canine running amidst the woods and parents overlooking all of this acknowledging their accomplishments. We usually see all of this in mutual fund or life insurance advertisements between prime time television shows. But has the importance of a holiday home near the hills ever crossed your mind?

Here’s why a holiday home amidst the hills could actually be a good buy!

1.Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect place to sit back and relax while you watch your kids frolic to the tunes of nature and not to some bollywood song.

2. With all the massive structures in the city, it’s quite impossible to get a glimpse of the sun. Watch the sunrise or sunset without letting silly concrete walls from blocking your view .

3.It’s definitely that break you need from the honk- bonk city.

4.You really need to get your children off their digital tablets and computers in order to give them a whiff of the real joys of life.

5. Of course, the air is much more breathe- friendly.

6. The birds don’t come chirping to your apartment in the 14th floor anymore. Well, nature is home to many exotic birds and the chances are you would actually wake up to symphonic tweeting. The real kind of tweet!

7.Nature has a mysterious way of healing you from physical and mental stress. Nothing is more relieving than looking at a lot of green and cherishing Mother Nature’s love for you!

8.Look out for a mild terrain and go for a trek! Let night drives not be the only adventure for your kids.

9.Fruits grow abundantly in the surroundings of hills and fruit plucking is a fun activity too. Let your kids know the difference between an organic fruit and a fruit from the grocery store.

10. Several green patches in the city are being replaced by apartments and commercial buildings. The fact that you still have a home amidst nature is definitely a relief. So no matter how much your city is being filled up with concrete, you still have your sweet escape.

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