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Dose, Dosai, Dosha,Dosa Many names Different tastes where did it start


All of us Bengalureans love the sheer originality of the Dose fair you get to taste in town be it the legendary Vidyarthi Bhavan, Janata, CTR, Mylari, Balepet Srikrishna Bhavan, Janardana,  MTR or the several thousands of eateries around town.

Today we try to find out the origins of this humble crispy rice and urad dal combination which all of us grew up on.

One school of thought, based on the study of KT Acharya chronicled in his book “The Story of our Food”, traces its origin to Tamilnadu. There are enough reference  to the Dosa in the Sangam literature of 1 AD, apparently

Another noted historian & researcher PT Nair is of the view that Dosa originated in Udupi, which is seconded by Pat Chapman noted English food researcher.

From its small begining innovative cooks have evolved it into a Star Food. Different batters dish out Rava Dosa, Ada dosa, Appam etc. Some of the interesting varieties are:

Gold foiled dosa

gold dosa

Mysore masala dosa

mysore masala

Sunny Side up Dosa

sunny side up dosa

Davangere Benne Dosa

4 davangere benne dosa

Kutty Dosa

kutty dosa



Top 10 dishes you must try when in Bengaluru!

1. Koshy’s


It is not just ‘well known.’ It’s legendary! Hardcore fans and loyal patrons have often had several stories to tell on the history of the place .Everything around Koshy’s might have changed but what truly remained legendary is their English breakfast items. The rumour is even Queen Elizabeth II feasted upon the glorious breakfast.

Location :St. Mark’s Road

2 . Hole in the wall


It’s a modern reprise that has gotten many drooling over their fun food. The sausages and bacon strips here literally cast a spell on you that you forget about that fancy meal you had at Taj.

Location :Koramangala

3. Idli Vada at Brahmin’s cafe


One of many things that are abundantly available in Bangalore are Idlis and Vadas. The sheer number of hotels that serve this South Indian staple breakfast makes it hard for us to choose the best one. But Brahmin’s is certainly one of the most well-known that has seen a large number of Idlis and Vadas mysteriously vanishing from the counter. Some of them say the chutney is the crowd magnet!

Location : Shankapuram, Basvanagudi

4. Dosas at Airlines Hotel


It would be a crime to leave out Airlines Hotel when we’re talking Dosas. This legendary hangout will cater fresh Dosas to your car door. And after all these years, this place still boasts of one of the best tasting dosas in the city.

Location: Lavelle Road

5. Ganesh Darshan’s Akki Roti


Like many other places, Ganesh Darshan is also renowned for its dosas, but it’s also one of the few places that serves quality Akki Roti. Yes! You read that right. Akki Roti! If you’re an Akki Roti virgin, this is the place to try your first one!

Location :Jaynagar 3rd block


6. MTR South Indian Meal


It’s not just one of the most iconic brands  in the city, but in the country as well. It’s something that makes you a proud Bangalorean. The meals here are scrumptious and not to forget the attractive ‘unlimited’ deal they offer that doesn’t let you stop.

Location : Lalbagh road

7. Truffles: All American cheese burger!


Previously known as Ice and Spice, Truffles junkies go through a long wait to grab their burgers. But all that waiting is worth it when you are seated and served one of the most iconic burgers in Bangalore with a big fat patty of cheese.

Location: St. Marks Road

8. Masala puri at Karnataka Bhel House


Like the Dosa fan base, Bangalore has a big chaat fan base as well. However, the best ones are available at popular places. One look at the crowd outside and anyone can quickly agree this is one of the chaat giants in the city. Amongst all chaat dishes here, the Bhel puri is what sells best !

Location: Uma Theatre road, Chamrajpet

9. Kesari bath at Veena Stores


The rava based dish is the mother of all baths in Bengaluru city. Kesari bath,a saffron flavoured dish is a perfect accompaniment at tea time. If you lack the sweet tooth, don’t hesitate to try the other non-sweet ‘baths.’

Location : Margosa road, Malleshwaram

10. CTR’s Mangalore Bajji ( Goli baje )


Central Tiffin Room or Sri Sagar as it is now named is famous for  Goli bajes, a popular dish from the coastal town of Mangalore and it seems no one in Bangalore makes it better than CTR. They’re best gobbled when hot!

Location: Malleshwaram

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