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10 Reasons why you need a home near the Hills!

A sudden halt and the kids jump off the car , running to their holiday home , by the window, looking at the serene hills and then a montage of a happy family with children and grandparents playing on swings, a jumpy canine running amidst the woods and parents overlooking all of this acknowledging their accomplishments. We usually see all of this in mutual fund or life insurance advertisements between prime time television shows. But has the importance of a holiday home near the hills ever crossed your mind?

Here’s why a holiday home amidst the hills could actually be a good buy!

1.Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect place to sit back and relax while you watch your kids frolic to the tunes of nature and not to some bollywood song.

2. With all the massive structures in the city, it’s quite impossible to get a glimpse of the sun. Watch the sunrise or sunset without letting silly concrete walls from blocking your view .

3.It’s definitely that break you need from the honk- bonk city.

4.You really need to get your children off their digital tablets and computers in order to give them a whiff of the real joys of life.

5. Of course, the air is much more breathe- friendly.

6. The birds don’t come chirping to your apartment in the 14th floor anymore. Well, nature is home to many exotic birds and the chances are you would actually wake up to symphonic tweeting. The real kind of tweet!

7.Nature has a mysterious way of healing you from physical and mental stress. Nothing is more relieving than looking at a lot of green and cherishing Mother Nature’s love for you!

8.Look out for a mild terrain and go for a trek! Let night drives not be the only adventure for your kids.

9.Fruits grow abundantly in the surroundings of hills and fruit plucking is a fun activity too. Let your kids know the difference between an organic fruit and a fruit from the grocery store.

10. Several green patches in the city are being replaced by apartments and commercial buildings. The fact that you still have a home amidst nature is definitely a relief. So no matter how much your city is being filled up with concrete, you still have your sweet escape.

Looking for Weekend homes in Bengaluru?

Here’s where you can get one :


Hebbal buzzing quite literally!

Amongst the urbanized environment of the city and its surroundings is CBD Hebbal. CBD Hebbal is also home to newly discovered species of insects/amphibians. In a recent listing of Zoological Society of India (ZSI) on animal discoveries of 2014 appears Rhopus hebbalensis , a parasitic wasp, partly named after Hebbal.

Out of the 14 new animal discoveries – predominantly insects – most were discovered in the surroundings of Nandi Hills and Bidadi. M Yeshwanth, insect taxonomist at GKVK, who has 5 discoveries from the state in the list says there is much more to discover in urban Bengaluru.

Blister Beetle, drives its name from the skin blistering consequences of it's attack.
Blister Beetle, drives its name from the skin blistering consequences of it’s attack. Often found in and around Bannerghatta and other dense green regions in Bangalore.

The city’s possession of ample green space is one of the main causes for such discoveries. The dense green space in and around Hebbal is listed to be the reason for these discoveries in the urban jungle. Bamboosiella Venkataramani and Stephano Indica are a couple of exotic insects discovered in this area.

5 Reasons Why You should keep an eye on North Bangalore


 1.North- Bangalore: Not so north anymore


North Bangalore is witnessing a rapid real estate development due to the systematic upgradation of social and physical infrastructure on Bellary Road- BIAL, Mono rail,Elevated road, High speed rail link, Metro rail and excellent connectivity to prime locations and central business district.

2.Investment is the key to a secure future

Investment Medium

Buy land! They’re not making it anymore! Land in North Bangalore offers better investment potential than in parts of the country and this is not a ‘forever.’Several large infrastructures and projects are emerging  in the Nandi region. Since the land price is going to soar in near future, the area’s long-term investment potential is bound to be excellent as compared to more saturated areas.

3.It’s the most needed escape


The Bangalore boom is progressing at a very commendable pace, to be one of the biggest business hubs in the country. This is what makes this city chaotic. The city is home to a multi- cultural crowd that chases dreams, leaving no space for a calm environment. This definitely calls for an escape!

4.Living ‘Green & Clean’

eco vs. pollution - with space inside

The most prized possession you can hold is your health and a clean environment is the best to nourish it! North Bangalore has a strong green belt with a plethora of trees and other vegetation. Treat yourself to nature’s blessings and experience life in its most natural form.

5.The new business district

indian-it-companies  jobseekersindia

The growth in North Bangalore is basically driven by various IT parks, airport and new infrastructure developments. The Manyata Embassy Business Park in Hebbal houses some of the biggest MNCs like IBM, Cognizant, Northern Trust and Target. There are several other IT and major industry players, that are planning major facilities in the area to take advantage of decent infrastructure, transportation and connectivity to the airport.

It is evident that North Bangalore has excellent future growth probability owing to great connectivity, commercial development and land availability.

North Bangalore – Reloaded: Jakkurado, Yelahankashire, Hebbaltimore

North Bangalore, not so fashionable an address until a few years ago, is now becoming the neighbourhood of the town. It is famed for being a self contained suburb of Bangalore city housing maximum number of residential  units with luxury housing.

A good percentage of housing launches in North Bangalore are now better as compared to East Bangalore. North zone suburbs are mostly happening due to the presence of well developed public infrastructure, social conveniences and development of IT SEZs. The turning point of this region came about with the setting up of the International Airport at Devanahalli.

A few years ago, Bangalore mostly referred addresses like  Jayanagar, Malleswaram, Sadashivnagar,Koramangala, Indiranagar for residential living while shopping always meant M.G Road, Brigade Road and Commercial Street.However, all that has been transformed for good. While the established suburban areas have held their fame, new neighbourhoods are becoming more appealing, especially for those who live amidst the city bustle.

Areas in North Bangalore like Jakkur, Yelahanka and Hebbal are now a bustling business corridor. These areas have witnessed several landmark developers heavily investing here. Jakkur, situated right next to Hebbal and opposite Sahakar Nagar, has seen tremendous growth in residential projects.

Amongst projects like Sobha Emerald and Prestige Dorchester situated in Jakkur, is Aries Lakeview by Citrus Ventures. This project comes with a panoramic view of the Jakkur Lake, which has developed an eco system of its own. It is  also one of the cleanest lakes in Bangalore city and a paradise for migrating birds, housing 10,000 birds making Jakkur Lake their haven. This lake has also been instrumental in replenishing the ground water table.

Jakkur Lake, one of the cleanest in Bangalore

Image Courtesy:

Aries Lakeview, situated away from the city commotion, is well connected with access to the NH-7 highway and the outer ring road. Employees working within the Central Business District(CBD) and tech parks like Manyata SEZ, Kiroloskar Business and more, now have the opportunity to live closer to work. Places in proximity to Aries Lakeview also include the Jakkur flying club, Ranchenahalli Lake, Arkavathy Layout and GKVK- University of Agricultural Sciences as well as schools like VIBGYOR High and Ryan International School.

Aries Lakeview, one of the projects in Jakkur
Aries Lakeview, one of the projects in Jakkur

With the saturation of popular city areas and continuous expansion of the city, new neighbourhoods are becoming more appealing to buyers.

Need an escape from the city rush? Here’s a great solution

The Bangalore city madness has been pulsating rapidly and weekend homes have been trending amongst Bangalore city folk .Several real estate companies have detected potential at the outskirts, especially the Nandi region.

Deriving from the efforts of an efficient team at Citrus Ventures, we have acquired one of the best spots at the foothills of Nandi. The plot is strategically located away from the bustling city but, in city limits. The relocation of the international airport has boosted the connectivity to the city and has resulted in ease of access to any location in Bangalore, while being right next to the serene Nandi hills.


Belmont is an expansive development of weekend villas at Nandi foothills. It is 20 kms north from the International airport, making Belmont the ideal place for a perfect escape from the hysterical city rush.To make things better, the project is just 5 minutes drive away from an 18 hole GPA  approved golf course.

Belmont is not simply the best in the league for its location .It offers several amenities that include: Modern club house, swimming pool, toddlers pool, senior citizen gazebo, commercial shopping area, gym, basket ball court, kids play area, tennis court, indoor badminton court, joggers park, park area, underground power cables, black top reads, closed drain system, amphitheatre, meditation area, security kiosk, water body, reflexology garden, party lawn, practice cricket net and a giant chess.  The price of these villas start at 66.5 lakhs and also offers attractive rental returns.

Owned and run by a team of professionals, Citrus Ventures is a four year old   real estate developing company to design and build your dream home. We have a bouquet of options to invest, starting from plots, apartments and weekend homes to premium villas. Whatever your budget, we can serve you!


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